Balloons Over Marine Festival

Balloons Over Marine Festival

When : September 22 and 23

Where: 155 North Duncan Street

Marine, Illinois

Welcome to the Balloons Over Marine Festival

Well everyone it’s that time of the year again. The 8th annual Hot Air Balloons Over Marine event is almost here. This year we would like to start out by giving you a little history of our event. It was started by Mr. Bill Weder, owner of the marine coin company, while sitting at a Historical Society meeting. The idea of a Hot Air Balloon Event was hatched and he recruited a select few to help put on the event. With the help of family, friends and many volunteers it turned into a great success. It has grown every year since, thanks to these volunteers. This year we again reached out to all our local organizations in town, if they would help support us. We got a great response from the fire department, ladies auxiliary, Masonic Lodge 355, and local 4H. We are greatly appreciative for their help for without it this event could not go on. When attending the event this year visit the different stands talk to the organization helping out. You might want to become a member of these fine community groups.

Another huge part of our event is our very, very, generous sponsors. Without them we would not have the funds to put on this event. It is costly from the balloonists, to the bounce houses, to the bands. The sponsor’s donations make it possible for us to include these attractions. There are banners throughout the park with our sponsors names, please try to make time to visit the sponsors for all your local needs.

The big question we always hear is “WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?” The answer is after all of our bills are paid we have given money to help send children to burn camp, helped several victims of human trafficking, families in need at Christmas, to the school, and to the village for park improvements. Simply put “Our money goes back into the local community.”

Finally we want to thank out balloonists. Without our star attractions we would just be another fall event.

With all of this being said we would like to welcome you all to our event and hope we see you there. *Make sure and stop by our information booth to leave comments of what you love about our event and/or what you would like to see changed there will be cards to fill out to help us make this event even better next year. *Make sure you check out our webpage, and our Facebook page hot air balloons over marine throughout the year. We will let you know where we will be and what is going on. Thank you everyone and have a wonderful weekend.


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